The Best Technical Indicator in the World?

TradingPub Admin | December 10, 2013

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Andrew Keene is a floor trader who actually blew out his trading account on the floor in Chicago back in 2006...

After that experience, he decided to put strict rules in place so it would never happen again.  Shortly after the blow up, he took a trip to Asia and met with several traders who introduced him to what is now his favorite technical indicator... the Ichimoku Cloud.  Andrew spent years deepening his understanding of the Cloud and how to best apply it to his trading plan as an option trader.

After reading through every piece of literature on the cloud and learning through actual setups with personal experience, he discovered how to most efficiently apply it and continues to do so today.  During this class, Andrew teaches:

  • The Power of the Ichimoku Cloud
  • The "One Glance Equilibrium Chart"
  • The Key 6 Components of the Cloud
  • How to Apply the Cloud for Options and different Time

Andrew is offering a great opportunity through his website where you can get online access to  his Ichimoku Cloud Premium Class for $97 (a $499 value).

This trading course will teach you Six Strategies Using the Ichimoku Cloud that You can Apply to YOUR Trading.

This  Course contains video training covering everything from:

  • Using the Cloud to Trade Stocks and Options
  • Identifying the Best Cloud Setups for High Probability Trades
  • Strategies for Day Traders, Swing and Longer Term Plays
  • Six of the BEST Strategies Using the Cloud

Access Andrew's Ichimoku Cloud Premium Class Here


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