The Secret Behind Triple Play Indicators

TradingPub Admin | September 4, 2015

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At the TradingPub, we pride ourselves in providing professional traders with an environment where they can be comfortable sharing their ideas, techniques and methods with our members.  And yesterday was no exception, as many traders stopped by to watch Geoff Bysshe's presentation on "The Secret Behind Triple Play Indicators".

Geoff is the President and co-founder of MarketGauge and has 25+ years of trading experience.  He is a former successful floor trader and hedge fund manager, and has also developed several popular strategies for trading stocks, options, and ETFs.

During Thursday's highly informative live presentation, Geoff shared how he uses simple price, volume, and volatility indicators to take advantage of the big moves that are occurring in the markets right now including:- Identifying  true strength in the markets

- Understanding 3 conditions needed to maximize profit potential
- Spotting which markets are at the greatest risk of collapsing
- Discovering the best best setups for breakout trades
- And much more...

Watch The Full Trading Education Class With Geoff Here: