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TradingPub Admin | March 27, 2013

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Wouldn't it be nice to have tomorrow's newspaper today?  You could use it for things like saving lives, averting disaster or possibly even to make money (remember that show Early Edition...) Even though we have some pretty good industry connections, we have not quite been able to get our hands on "tomorrow's newspaper."  If we did, chances are we wouldn't tell you (sorry but we're being honest).  What we can do though is help provide some of the best tools for trading in today's markets from top traders from around the globe!
The good news for us is that successful and professional traders do not possess some secret indicator, math skill or tomorrow's newspaper either... they simply understand the structure of the market and how it operates.  In order to be the smart money, you have to follow the smart money and this is what Thomas DeLello covers in this class:
During the Class, Thomas covers:
  • Learn Thomas' simple formula which utilizes previous areas of important Order-flow... And how he combines that with real-time order flow to identify opportunity
  • Understand the areas in the market where traders become trapped
  • Learn how to identify where the stops are located and how to take advantage of them... base your trading decisions on what the market is telling you...NOT your emotions!

To access 4 live trading sessions for the price of $5 (one time charge), please click the link below:

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