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TradingPub Admin | August 17, 2012

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We had a great crowd for a marathon strategy session that covered everything from ETFs, Forex Trading and Binary Options.  We have posted a copy of the recordings for each session below:

11:00 AM/CT to 11:30 AM/CT - John Nyaradi of on "How To Exploit The Stunning Power of ETFs to Power Your Portfolio."
John is one of the word's foremost experts and trading and investing in ETFs. He'll explain why, after 30 years of research, ETFs have become his favorite vehicle for achieving financial independence and maximizing the quality of life for him and his family. John will teach you about the "Golden Crossover Index," a little-known simple trading system that is over a century old, how to daytrade ETFs, and even how to trade the VIX using ETFs.

11:30 AM/CT to 12:00 NOON/CT - Jason Jankovsky of on "Understanding Trading Systems and Robots"
Many traders are looking for the "green and red flashing lights" to make all their decisions for them. Jason Jankovsky is a full time trader. He will show you the value of key indicators and tools for making the right decisions, while understanding their limitations. He'll help you find that "sweet spot" between discretion and over-dependence which can help you to identify high probability trades on a consistent basis.

12:00 NOON/CT to 12:30 PM/CT - Roger Felton of on "Peak Entries and Profitable Trade Management"
Roger Felton, President of Felton Trading and well known trainer and system developer, will be demonstrating many of his favorite trade setups and sharing some great trade management techniques. You'll learn firsthand from an expert trader how to recognize prime entry opportunities and the precise second to enter the market with power and confidence. These principles will apply to any moving market on any charting platform. All questions will be answered clearly and completely so make plans now to attend and improve your trading skills.

12:30 PM/CT 1:00 PM/CT - Cecil Robles of on "Money Management Principles That All Traders Need to Know"
Every trader wants their account to grow steadily. If that's you, join trader and educator Cecil Robles as he teaches you the money management approach that has been the key to his success. Having a consistent edge is just once piece of the puzzle. Now, learn how to properly size your position in order to maximize your profits while minimizing risk...and much more.

1:00 PM/CT - 1:30 PM/CT - Jerry Simmons of on "The Intersection of Price, Time and Structure
Jerry will cover one of his favorite trade setups which has offered him a high win percentage rate along with an average profit to loss ratio of 2:1, 3:1, or better. He will show you how it works in all markets and all time frames from one minute charts to daily, weekly, and monthly charts. To give you confidence, Jerry will go through several recent real time examples so that you can see the method in action.

1:30 PM/CT to 2:00 PM/CT - Colin Quina of on "3 Strategies for Binary Options That You Can Apply This Summer"
Binary options are one of today's fastest growing new trading vehicles. Colin will provide you with a full overview of how binary options provide you with an "all or none" opportunity to profit, based on price crossing a threshold over a specific time frame. Don't miss this session because Colin will then walk you through 3 strategies that are designed for different market conditions.

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