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Site Administrator | May 3, 2012

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We are very excited to announce that Tony LaPorta will be presenting at the TradingPub on his thoughts on the current market this Thursday (May 3rd) at 4:30 pm eastern time.  Here is a sneak peek into his thoughts on AAPL... join us tomorrow to hear his thoughts on the overall market, gold, bonds, currencies and much much more - REGISTER HERE

Ladies and Gents:

I always love when the NASDAQ leads.  Apple is the NASDAQ.  This stock has been flirting with the 50-day moving average for three consecutive days, actually breaking it today, but closing back above the average.  In place is a market indicator you will not find in any technical analysis book.  This indicator and this bullish trade setup I am about to make is MY TRADE.  This is 30+ years of analyzing charts.  I call it the Tight Range Follow Through Lower.  Basically, after 5 consecutive days of a declining stock price, Apple traded to a new low for the move on today, but traded in a very Tight Range indicating to me selling pressure has abated.  I want to go long the stock on the close around $586.00.  I am looking for a fairly decent move higher on Thursday ($600 minimum I would think).  As my long-term readers know, the success rate of this indicator is uncanny to the tune of well over 80%.

If Apple rallies tomorrow, the NASDAQ will go with it.  I love when the NASDAQ leads.  If the NASDAQ takes up the leadership role, the rest of the market will follow.  I am looking for a positive day on Wall Street tomorrow.

Cheers - TLP

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