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Site Administrator | May 17, 2012

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We had several people that enjoyed Todd's free video shared earlier this week as well as the PDF he gave away to the people who watched it.  If you missed the first video, you can access it at the following link:  Risking Less When You Trade

Today Todd released the second free video titled "The Truth About Trends."  You can access this video by clicking the picture below:

This video will cover:

  • The Startling Fact About Market Trends that Nobody’s Telling You! … and How to Use this Information to Protect Yourself from Getting Blind-Sided into Another Losing Trade!!
  • The #1 Most Critical Factor Determining Whether or Not a Trend is Losing Momentum … And My Best-Kept Secret for Identifying a Change in Direction BEFORE Your Competition!!
  • How to Know When You Absolutely Want to GET OUT of a Trade! … And the Ultimate Way to Use this Information to Your Advantage!!

To free video from Todd Mitchell is available at the following link:  The Truth About Trends


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