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TradingPub Admin | February 12, 2013

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We watched a video yesterday by a guy who began trading in the markets in 1988 (back when Ronald Reagan was President).  The video has a tremendous amount of information and the crux of the message is the shifting market cycle that occurred between the 80's/90's and 2000's. Making money lately in the market has been hard and this video covers several changes in the market that suggests why a new trading style is needed in this market (hint: it is not scalping).


Click Here to Access the Video -------->  ACCESS HERE

Here are a few of the topics covered during the video:

  • The Equity Curve of Most Traders vs. a Systematic Approach
  • How to Select a Stock Quickly and Easily by Looking for Consistent Gains as Opposed to Home-Run Trades
  • Pairing Price Support with Institutional Support
  • Simple Ways to Better Your Entries (covered at minute 26 of the video)
  • The Three Profit Objectives to Use in a Trade (covered at minute 28)
  • Setups Revolving Around Inside Patterns (covered at minute 30)


The cool thing about these videos is that there is a comment section below where you can ask any questions you have while you watch it and have the traders from the video answer you directly.