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TradingPub Admin | September 12, 2012

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Thanks to TradingPub Commentator, Adrienne Toghraie of Trading on Target for the following guest post:

When you plan your vacation do you think in terms of how much it will recharge you?  Most people do not, but traders must.  Trading is a profession that requires vigilant focus and is a constant trip of discovery about life’s issues.  Therefore, it is a profession where traders build up stress.  Before you plan your trip, I want you to think about it in terms of how it will translate to profits when you return.

Plan a vacation so that you will not need a vacation from your vacation.

Plan a vacation so that you know ahead of time that your choices will recharge you.

  • Make sure that what you need and want is built into the plan

Do not leave it up to others to decide without your input, or you might find yourself doing things that deplete instead of recharge you.

  • Make sure that everyone traveling has his or her own activities

Togetherness on activities is great up to a point. Make sure you know what is expected of you and that others have planned out their time without needing you to be involved in every activity.

  • Agree ahead of time what are acceptable and not acceptable rules for yourself and others

You want your conflicts to be before the trip, so they will not stress you out on the trip.

  • Get in shape before you go for activities that are beyond your scope of agility

If the trip involves exercise or other activities that you are not used to, take time before the trip to make yourself ready for those activities.

Here are some of the vacation mistakes that traders make:

  • Too much travel time in aircraft and other vehicles

You will not be refreshed if most of your vacation time is traveling.

  • Going to a place that has too much noise

Noise creates stress. Consider if going to big cities, noisy hotels and gambling casinos will recharge you?

  • Traveling with people that do not have their own activities

Needy people will empty your energy tank

  • Visiting or traveling with toxic or demanding people

Toxic people will add to your stress.

  • Over indulgence

Over eating, drinking, and too much exercise are not good for building energy.

  • Too little sleep

If anything, you should sleep more.

  • Being a slave to electronic devices

Ask yourself, what would you miss without these devices?  If you are constantly checking your blackberry and laptop, are you really on vacation?

  • Keeping up with the markets

Have someone else monitor your trades, or better yet get out of the markets altogether. There will always be opportunities when you get back.

  • Packing too many activities into too little time

Rate the activities that you have planned and only do the most appealing - keeping energy building in mind.

Recommended vacations:

Nurturing and invigorating environments

A green and blue environment where the weather is cooperative is one of your best recharge choices.

  • Traveling and visiting with people who lift you up and give you your own space

Ask your fellow travelers for help in reminding you that you need a stress free environment and maybe they will take the hint.

  • Activities that are relaxing and enjoyable to you

Plan these activities and they are more likely to happen.

  • If there is travel time involved, make sure that there is also enough recovery time

Vacation at home

If you cannot go away on vacation, then plan a vacation like a tourist in your area.  This is not the time for all those projects around the house, unless those projects are relaxing.


If you want to give yourself the best opportunity to earn higher profits, make sure that your vacations are rejuvenating.


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