Tom Busby, Guy Adami and Barry Burns

TradingPub Admin | October 18, 2012

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We had a packed house at this month's special session of Trader Talk with close to 800 people in attendance!  Tom Busby of DTI, Guy Adami of tradeMONSTER and Dr. Barry Burns of Top Dog Trading shared with us on a variety of market related topics.  We have posted a copy of each recording at the link below:

Session 1 with Tom Busby of DTI on:

  • The Crash of 1987 and What it Means Today
  • The Election and Your Money
  • Seasonal Trends through the End of the Year

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Session 2 with Guy Adami of tradeMONSTER:

  • Market Outlook for Q4
  • The Psychology of Trading
  • Guy's Guidelines for Identifying Value in Stocks

To take advantage of Guy's Special Offer:  Learn More Here  (use promo code: MINING60FREE)

Session 3 with Dr. Barry Burns of Top Dog Trading:

  • Technical Analysis of Time Over Price
  • Why You're Trading with Impaired Vision (and how to change that)
  • The Hidden Power of All Markets (and how to harness it)

To take advantage of Barry's Special Offer:  Learn More Here


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