Trade Triangles and Smart Scanner – Market Club Review

TradingPub Admin | May 31, 2013

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TradingPub members have been granted free trial access for a limited time to Market Club which includes access to their:

1.) Smart Scan Tool

2.) Entry and Exit Signals called Trade Triangles

3.) Email Alerts notifying you of changes in setups

The Free Trial Can Be Accessed Here

We thought we would highlight a few of the features available with the software before you test it out for yourself:

There is information, studies, searches, blogs, and countless useful resources that come along with this subscription. With the market tracker tool inside the software, you can search any symbol, finding accurate results with other options such as chart studies, audio summaries, Fibonacci retracements, trend lines, etc. On the home page, there are eight tabs to choose from, all with something unique about them.

  • Portfolio - Under the Portfolio tab, a user can add/edit/delete any stocks that he or she has on the list. The portfolio creates a clean, organized review of the stocks put on this list.
  • Smart Scan - Smart Scan, the second tab seen on the website, allows an individual to search stocks under the Market Club set scanners or their own filter. Each result from the search will appear with the stock name and a small, monthly chart with the open, high, low, ETRM Price, and daily change – an informing first peek at the results.
  • Alert - Another form of scan allowed on this site is the Alert. This allows you to set any scan and watch any symbol or groups of symbols and be given a report on them however often the user selects (every 10/20/30/60 minutes, daily, monthly, or just once).
  • Trade School - Under the fourth tab, Trade School, videos, MP3s, and PDFs are available for immediate download and access. One can learn “from the experts” in multiple markets or trading styles: Forex, Futures, Day Trading, Money Management, Stocks, Psychology, General, Indexes, and Options.
  • Blog - Some more useful information and personal market strategies are found under the Blog tab. Here you find small to large articles written on certain stocks, trends, or ideas.
  • Data Control – Under the tab title Data Control, you can search any symbol. When the symbol appears, you can click on it and then “download” the information. In this piece of data you are given (in Excel form) the open, high, low, last, volume, and “open int” of every minute/5 min/15 min/hour/daily that stock was live.

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