Trader Talk Session with Larry Gaines and Illya Busigin

Site Administrator | May 17, 2012

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Session 1: Larry Gaines of on "A Proven Trading System for Greater Returns With Less Risk"

Description: A 30-year veteran market professional, Larry Gaines has developed trading model that incorporates 5 market time frames. He will show you how the accuracy of this price cycle system can be applied to trading Weekly Options for profits that have ranged between 25% to over 400% over a 1 to 5 day period. You'll learn how incorporating this system can allow you to make money on a weekly basis...with lower risk and lower capital requirements than other forms of trading.

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Session 2: Illya Busigin, of DTItrader  on "The Little-Known Power of Season Patterns"

Description: While seasonal patterns in the financial markets have been written about for decades, most traders regard them as a secondary indicator at best. Illya Busigin has got it down to a science and has been trading the markets for over 10 years using seasonal patterns. Find out what he has discovered and how he has made it a central component in his trading decision process.

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