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TradingPub Admin | October 10, 2014

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The concept behind the TradingPub is simple. We serve as an environment that connects successful professional traders with retail traders like you.  The trading education provided by these pros will hopefully help you to build a more solid foundation that may improve your trading consistency and confidence. That is why we started our Trade-A-Thons. We wanted an event where trading experts presented back-to-back sessions, all in one place. Our October edition of the Trade-A-Thon is now in the books with nearly 1000 of you stopping by to soak up some great education throughout the day. We would like to thank you all for your support, and making this Trade-A-Thon a success!

We also need to acknowledge our incredible roster of presenters, each of whom took time out of their busy schedules to share their new and innovative ideas for trading the markets. Whether your interests were in stocks, options, futures, forex, or Nadex, we had you covered, and more importantly, everyone took away at least three things they could use in their trading activities right away.

Lastly, we also need to give special thanks to our good friends at for their ongoing support of TradingPub, and sponsorship of our Trade-A-Thon events. And if for some reason you are not familiar with Nadex, or how to trade  Binary Options, please check out the free video library we have put together on  Binary Options , and why this may be interesting new way for you to diversify your trading portfolio - Access Here

As promised, here are the video replays of all the presentations that were given at our October 9th, 2014 Trade-A-Thon.  They have been separated by speaker and topic for your convenience and easy reference.



Adrienne Toghraie of Trading On Target

"All About Losses"

  • 15 Reasons Traders Lose Money in the Markets
  • 5 Methods for Overcoming Issues of Loss
  • Your Options After a Loss
  • How to Create Positive Anchors
  • 5 Principles of Learning a Behavior
  • Methods for Change


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 J.C. Parets of Eagle Bay Capital

 "Intermarket Technical Analysis"

  • How to incorporate different asset classes to gather info and find opportunities in the market
  • Use intermarket analysis to maximize risk reward opportunities
  • A look in the markets and how J.C. scans them



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 Joshua Martinez of Market Traders Institute 

"London Breakout Strategy"

  • Fundamental forex overview and advantages of the market
  • London Breakout strategy
  • How to scan the market for the exact setup, entry and exit opportunity with the strategy



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 Brian Neall of Trade To Be Free 

"3 Proven Ways to Make More Money in the Market Using Best-of-breed fundamental and Technical Analysis"

  • How To Use Best of Breed Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • How To Recognize Best Swing Trading Setups and Some Key Characteristics of Those
  • Guidelines for Identifying Quality Stock Patterns


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 Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics 

"Steps to Increase Your Trading Profits"

  • How to identify best stocks to buy using Marc’s newest indicator, the Chaikin Power Gauge*, with Chaikin Money Flow, Chaikin Relative Strength and his other proprietary technical indicators in Chaikin Analytics
  • How to build and maintain a strong stock portfolio using Chaikin Analytics
  • How to use Industry Group strength to zero in on the strongest stocks to buy and weakest stocks to sell, or short
  • How to know when to buy and sell by using six pairs of Chaikin Buy/Sell signals to time better entry and exit points
  • How to avoid landmines that can destroy portfolio performance
  • How to profit during earnings season, when prices can be highly volatile

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Shane Handy of The Rational Trader

 "Three Challenges All Traders Face"

  • The Core Understanding of the Market Biology
  • The aspects of trading and how the knowledge to those can heighten your awareness as a trader
  • Stages of awareness as a trader and how to progress through each

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Michael Guess of TradeSafe 

"Average 2% to 4% Daily Without Risking More Than $100"

  • How to Stop Chasing the Latest Gimmick
  • What Stops You From Winning Consistently
  • Why Trading The Same Exit Strategy Every Time Is Not Enough
  • TradeSafe System That Profits Through Precision and Consistency

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Marcello Ducille of Tribe Forex

"How To Start Your Forex Trading Business In 60 Days Or Less"

  • The Blue Print for FX Freedom
  • 3 Core Concepts To Trading Performance
  • Market Integrity and High time Frame Market Strategies


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Mohan of Precision Trading Services

Trading The  Stock Index Futures With Extreme Precision 

  • Finding Setups And Utilizing Market Dips To Maximize Gains
  • Intraday Trade Systems And Setups
  • Daily Directional Forecast Tips


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Tom Busby of Diversified Trading Institute 

"How the DAX Futures can Improve Your Trading'

  • Helpful Tips To Improve Your Trading
  • Using The DAX To Gauge The Market Sentiment
  • How Incorporating The DAX In Your Trades Can Help


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Cam White of TradingPub

"Trading Nadex Binary Options on Your Own Terms'

  • Nadex Platform Overview
  • Benefits To Trading With Nadex
  • Strategies To Trade The Binary Market With Nadex


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