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TradingPub Admin | September 19, 2014

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At TradingPub we are committed to providing you, the active trader, with free access to some of the greatest trading education available. We do this by hosting multi-speaker events that connect you with top professionals who share their methods and techniques for trading markets, and how they manage their trading businesses. That is why we started our Trade-A-Thons and continue to host them every month. Our September edition of the Trade-A-Thon is now in the books with about 1300 of you stopping by in yesterday’s all-day event. We would like to thank you all for your support, and making this Trade-A-Thon a success!

We also need to acknowledge our incredible roster of presenters, each of whom took time out of their busy schedules to share their new and innovative ideas for trading the markets. Whether your interests were in stocks, options, futures, forex, or Nadex, we had you covered, and more importantly, everyone took away at least three things they could use in their trading activities right away.

Lastly, we also need to give special thanks to our good friends at for their ongoing support of TradingPub, and sponsorship of our Trade-A-Thon events. And if for some reason you are not familiar with Nadex, or how to trade  Binary Options, please check out the free video library we have put together on  Binary Options , and why this may be interesting new way for you to diversify your trading portfolio - Access Here

As promised, here are the video replays of all the presentations that were given at our August 14th, 2014 Trade-A-Thon.  They have been separated by speaker and topic for your convenience and easy reference.


Alan Knuckman of Barchart

"Why you may NEVER purchase stock shares again"

  •  Stock Substitution  And How It Works
  • Get Stocks You Want At A Discount Or Get Paid Not To
  • Wheel To Build Long Term Portfolio

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Andrew Keene of Keene On The Market

"Floor Trader Secrets: Confessions of a Professional Options Trader"

  • Why should a trader follow unusual option activity?
  • What constitutes unusual option activity?
  • How is activity defined as bullish or bearish?
  • How does the average retail trader take advantage of unusual option activity?

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 Peter Schultz of Cashflow Heaven Publishing

"How to Wake Up Every Morning $285.71 Richer than When You Went to Bed the Night Before" 

  • How to utilize time to work in your advantage
  • Implement a strategy that can help you make money while you sleep
  • What is this strategy and why does it work well

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Larry Gains of Power Cycle Trading

"5 Step Plan For Option Income Success"

  • Avoid the #1 Options Trading Mistake
  • Most Important Option Factor
  • How Options Pricing Works
  • Knowing and Using the Market Maker's Secrets
  • Options Strategies

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John Clayburg Of Online Trading Systems

"Creating and Trading Self Optimizing Automated Trading Systems"

  • The advantages of using automated strategies
  • The problems involved in applying the proper system to the current market environment.
  • How a self optimizing automated system can match the proper system with the current market conditions.
  • Under development since 1998, this routine can pick the best performing system from a large number of choices and apply that system to the current market. This system can make these changes many

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Jared Wesley of Pristine Trading

"Learn The Great Advantages on Equity Proprietary Trading"

  • Why Most Traders Fail Before They Start
  • Who is Your Real Competition in the Market
  • How Simplicity Can Make You Money

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 Thomas Barmann of Never Loss Trading

"A Structured Way to Trading Success"

  • Trading History Lesson and Some Principals You Should Know
  • Structure Your Trading With a System, Strategies, Financial and Action Plan
  • Learn More About Each Step of this Structured Path to Success


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Troy Peterson Of Gap Edge Trading

"How to Trade Stocks that Gap"

  •  What Drives Gaps 
  • How You Can Use Gaps to Create a Trading Advantage
  • Applying Screening , Patience and Discipline to Reach Your Trading Goals

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John Seville of Acorn Wealth, LLC

"The Ultimate Traders Toolbox – The DNA of Technical Trading" 

  • Understand the different market directions and cycles
  • Reverse engineering the "Smart Money"
  • Developing a process driven way of predicting market direction
  • How to put this all together into a checklist driven strategy that wins
  • Utilizing Scans

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Darrell Martin Of Apex Trading

"How To Trade In Any Market Condition" 

  • 4 Basic Systems One Chart
  • Choppy Market Swing Trade
  • Trend Trading
  • Volume-Scalp Trading
  • Trading Contest
  • Examples

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Steve Ruffley of iView Charts

"How I came to develop my trading strategies" 

  • Popular Misconceptions About Trading
  • How Having a Sustainable Strategy can Help and tips to Develop a Good One
  • 4 Elements That Formed His Strategies

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Rollie & Cam White

"Nadex Trading Strategies"

  • What are binary options
  • The Nadex Exchange
  • Trading Strategies
  • Excellent Resources

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