Trading Nadex Live Markets With Low Risk Strategies

TradingPub Admin | September 18, 2015

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Our main focus at the TradingPub is to connect you with trading experts and educators, so that you can learn from their experience, knowledge and market perspective. Our event yesterday delivered on that promise by hosting two industry pros, who shared some of their favorite low-risk strategies and setups for trading Nadex markets in the middle of the day.

Sean Jantz, Founder and CEO of Binary Trade Group, shared insights and techniques that he uses to trade the SP 500 during lunch hours.  And. he was followed by our own Cam White, who shared some basics on how the Nadex exchange works and more on his favorite strategies for trading Nadex during the day.

Here are some of the key topics that were covered by Sean and Cam:

  • The advantages of trading Nadex binary options
  • How to use Nadex charts and trading platform
  • Strategy for trading index markets during lunch
  • Other strategies you can use during the day


If you are not yet trading on Nadex, and would like to put Sean and Cam's strategies to the test, open up a FREE NADEX DEMO ACCOUNT and try them out.


The TradingPub Team