Trading Options The Axiom Way

TradingPub Admin | December 3, 2014

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At the Trading Pub, our goal is to bring the industry's best trading professionals together with our members in an environment that facilitates the free flow of trading education, strategies and techniques. Yesterday's session with Rob Roy was no exception, as several hundred traders stopped by to learn more about the highly successful techniques Rob uses for trading the options market.

During his presentation, Rob focused on the following key topics:

  • How to profit without knowing market direction
  • Comparison of straddle and strangle option trade
  • How to use Deltas when making a trading decision
  • Determining how to find the best trading patterns
  • How and where to spot early entry signals

Rob began his session with a brief introduction to options and the structure of a basic call and put trade.

Rob Roy Straddle

He then went on to show how a Straddle trade works, and the cost benefit of using a Strangle trade to generate the same amount of profit, but with less capital deployed.  This led to his discovery of what Rob has termed the "Axiom Strangle" trade, that has the unique ability to maximize profit potential with minimal risk.

Rob then went on to discuss on how to spot the best entry signals for applying the "Axiom Strangle" using classic wedge patterns, basic candle stick formations, and volatility indicators.


Rob extended a special offer to our Trading Pub members that includes discounted access to his Axiom Strangle Alert Services and extensive library of options trading education resources.  Get Rob's special deal today! Simply CLICK HERE