Transforming Simple to Intelligent Breakouts with Mark Helweg

TradingPub Admin | May 30, 2014

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Our event with Mark Helweg, an Award-Winning Hedge Fund Manager & Author, was incredible! We received amazing feedback from the attendees and had a lot of people who asked that we share the recording, so please find a copy of it below.

During the class Mark shared his trading style and the methods he uses with candlesticks to transform simple to Intelligent Breakouts.

See the full video here to learn more about how Mark finds:

  • Intelligent Breakout Swing and Trend Trading
  • Parameter Settings for Different Price Patterns
  • Optimization Gold - What to Look For…
  • Ideas using Candlestick Patterns and Breakout


During the event Mark extended a special offer that includes access to the ValueCharts' indicator that he helped create and is now using in his trading. This patented ValueCharts' indicator is a great tool to help you make sniper-trading decisions and:

  • It can help you identify when the markets are over or undervalued
  • Displays price in terms of value instead of cost
  • It can help you define market valuation by plotting price on of the five primary valuation zones (Significantly or Moderately overvalued, Fair Value, or Moderately or Significantly Undervalued Investments)