Two Futures Traders Share Their Strategies!

Site Administrator | April 6, 2012

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It is always interesting when we have veteran traders stop by the Pub.  This past Thursday we were actually joined by two guys who have been trading in the markets since the 1980's and seen just about anything you could see from market rallies, declines, bubbles and busts and even a flash crash for good measure.  Bill Costarides trades primarily in the night futures market known as the Globex.  In order to trade at night, Bill watches foreign indices such as the Nikkei (Japan), Hang Seng (Hong Kong), Dax (Germany) as well as the FTSE (UK) and Swiss market.  Our second guest, Paul Brittain, shared about scale trading which he feels is most appropriate in commodity markets.  Paul mentioned several of the risk factors to scale trading which involve primarily buying a weak market and looking for a reversal.  Scale trading represents the saying that you want to buy them at their worst and sell them at their best.  To view a copy of this recording, please click on the video below:

Session 1:  Bill Costarides on Trading in the Globex:

Session 2:  Paul Brittain on Scale Trading:

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