Two Great Educational Sessions!

Site Administrator | April 13, 2012

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Session 1: Mohan  20 year trading veteran, editor of the "Daily Directional Forecast" and developer of Boomerang Currency Trader

Topic Info:  "The EuroFX (6E) is now the best day trading market with continuous price movement and intraday swings. Learn the tools you will need to trade this specialized market and the specific nuances that occur during the markets daily 23 hour sessions."

Session 2:  Aamar Hussain,

Topic Info:  Most traders have a working knowledge of support and resistance.  Aamar has turned it into a science.  In this educational session, he'll reveal his proprietary combination of over 10 different Support and Resistance identification methods including, Price Swing Lows, Market Profile, Elliot Wave, Volume Profile, Fibonacci and more to create what he calls the Technical Confluence PowerZones.

To join us this Tuesday for an event on “Modeling Top Traders, CLICK HERE


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