Updated Charts of the Week

At the halfway point in the week it is good to take a look at the markets and determine important areas of support and resistance. For those of you that attended our event last week with TradingPub Commentator, Tony LaPorta, you know that Tony mentioned his trade of the year being long the 10 year note. Another important thing Tony mentioned was how the rally in the bond markets was making him very cautious on equities even though they seemed to be grinding higher. We have included updated charts on the 10 year note (Tony is taking some profits after the rally this week and still remaining patient on the ES). See commentary on charts for more information:

ZNH Chart:

ESH Chart:

If you would like to review Tony's recorded session, please click the link below:

TLP Recording 

Tony also was kind enough to offer a substantial discount on a 3 month subscription to his Market Newsletter.

You can click the following link to learn more:  TLP Market Newsletter  

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