Using Order Flow to Trade Breakouts

TradingPub Admin | October 31, 2012

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Have you ever seen a breakout and wondered if there was any real volume behind it?  If so, chances are the market trend continued, if not, chances are a reversal occurred and those who jumped on it ended up holding the bag.  One of the most important things in trading is understanding order flow and knowing when there is strong momentum occurring.  Many people felt like the guys on the trading floor always had this edge as the order flow was routed through them.  With the prominence of electronic trading, that edge has transferred to online traders who know how to look for it.  During this session, Aamar covered:

  • Why tape reading and analysis of order flow can give you a disttinct and powerful edge
  • Learn how with Pit trading dying, the modern digital age offers some unique ways to adapt and use order flow information
  • How to adapt and use order flow information to improve your trading no matter what your style

To access the video, please click below:

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