Weekly Options Trading Strategy

TradingPub Admin | May 14, 2013

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A fellow trader shared a presentation last week with us and after reviewing it, we decided to pass it on to you guys. The cool thing about this strategy is the fact that it can be replicated by putting it on once per week and can be used for almost any account size. We have heard options strategies that range from very simple to Ph.D. level and this video definitely helps break it down so any level of trader can understand it. That also means you do not have to have any "special indicators" or "proprietary formulas" to put this strategy to use.

As with any strategy, the key is managing risk to the downside so be sure to test this strategy out before using in a live account.

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This Free Class teaches you:

  • Strategies for setting up trades "Once per Week"
  • Applying the strategy to "Any Account Size"
  • Putting the advantage of "Probability" on your side"
  • Walk through of setting up a "Net Credit"

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P.S. Remember with new trading strategies, it is always best to test them out in a demo environment before going live. Use the following link to check out the strategy and learn for yourself - REGISTER HERE