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TradingPub Admin | January 8, 2013

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We sent out an announcement last week about a special educational event being held by Marketfy on "Diving Back into the Market Post Fiscal Cliff."  If you missed the event, you can find the RECORDING HERE. We even posted it on our facebook page with this awesome picture which we felt was a perfect reflection of the current market.  The water sure does look nice, but it feels like danger is lurking...

We know that for many of our patrons, this was your first exposure to Marketfy.  We thought it would be helpful for us to spell out some of the things we like about it as well as to alert you about an exciting event later this week:

Marketfy's mission aligns well with TradingPub's in that we are both helping to promote credible trading education to active traders and investors.  Just like the picture above, there are a lot of sharks out there so we do our best to focus on traders and educators that will provide value and truly benefit you with their education.  We might not be perfect in doing so, but based on the feedback of our patrons and the rapid growth of our community it is safe to say we are doing a good job of it!  Here are a few things we like about Marketfy along with several reasons we are supporting them in their efforts:

  • Trades taken through the services are legitmately verified which means they make sure subscribers can filled at the same price as the provider
  • Marketfy has a matching engine that helps take YOUR interest as a trader and then match that with results to products that fit with markets that are specially fit for YOU, YOUR trading time frame and YOUR account goals
  • Each product page shows the portfolio tracking history (both good and bad) along with the amount of trades each month
  • They offer a Free Preview which gives you a 3 minute look into the process of the trader, recent trades and how the program works for subscribers
  • All products come with a no questions asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee which means they stand behind the value of their products and want to make sure any customer of theirs is completely satisfied

If this sounds like something that is up your alley, be sure to check out this Thursday's special event.

Event Date:  January 10th at 7 pm EST.

Education Provided:  Marketfy will feature four extremely bright traders that will discuss/debate the 2013 market outlook in a roundtable formatted session (think Presidential debates but better and more truthful).  Each trader will provide a unique perspective based on their specific expertise.  The four traders are:

  1. Brian Sozzi: NGB Productions & Frequent CNBC Guest (Retail & Equity Markets)
  2. Casey Stubbs: Winners Edge Trading (Forex)
  3. Bob Lang: Explosive Options (Options)
  4. Ken Shreve: Ultimate Growth Stocks (Equity & ETF Investing)

The roundtable discussion will be moderated by Kyle Bazzy, President of Benzinga & Additionally, every person who registers for the session will also receive a free eBook which includes 2013 predictions from the trading Mavens on  If you are interested in attending this free event, you can register by clicking the icon below:


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